Deep Sky Shots

M51 - The Whirlpool Galaxy


One of my first attempts at gathering almost 3 hours of data...unfortunately, it's one the first signals that my camera doesn't like working in the heat. The night temperature was around 30 C and the camera introduced so much thermal noise into the image that it was difficult to process.

Looking forward to visiting this target again from the pristine dark skies of Canfield Junction

UPDATE: Shot this target again for first light of the observatory….see below

M81 & M82 - Bodes Galaxy & The Cigar Galaxy


My first success with long exposures...this is almost 2 hours worth of sub-frames, taken from my (former) light-polluted skies on the lower east side of Hamilton. 

Note the amp-glow of the camera in the lower regions of this image. Currently working on solutions for this bane until I progress to a cooled camera (camera cooler box project) to reduce or eliminate this occurance that happens while using a DSLR for long exposure astrophotography...patience, grasshopper,,,

M27 - The Dumbell Nebula


First light/ first night with a scope out at the new place. Forgot to install my focal reducer/ flattener, but after fighting the incredible dew and other issues, I decided to just roll with it

M42 & NGC 1977 - The Orion Nebula & The Running Man Nebula


My most recent and longest exposure compilation to date, just over 4 hours total integration time. The detail and reduced signal-to-noise ratio that comes with very long exposures is incredible...definitely worthy of the effort

NGC 2024 & Barnard 33 - The Flame Nebula & The Horsehead Nebula


Pretty obvious which is which, and why they were named as such.

This target is one of the reasons why I decided to pursue this fascinating hobby. The first time I saw an image of this target I knew I had to do what it takes to capture it myself. This is about the 4th edit of this capture, but planning on re-visiting this target once I begin shooting with my mono cam and Ha (Hydrogen Alpha) to reveal even more detail

M31 - The Andromeda Galaxy


The first image that blew me away. The long exposure time brought out so much detail in this target compared to my previous attempts, just over 3 hours worth. Again, I intend to re-visit this large bright target in the future to acquire even more details

M104 - The Sombrero Galaxy

This is an image from the lower east side of Hamilton, Ontario...lots of light pollution. Looking fo

This is an image from the lower east side of Hamilton, Ontario...lots of light pollution. Looking forward to re-visiting this target again

M57 - The Ring Nebula

I have only seen this  semi-difficult target (for viewing) through a 16" Dobsonian  at a dark sky st

I have only seen this  semi-difficult target (for viewing) through a 16" Dobsonian  at a dark sky star-party  many years ago.

Once my go-to telescope revealed it in my  light-polluted yard  in east Hamilton, I decided to jump into astrophotography, both feet first.

Not a great pic...but for one of my firsts...this convinced me that I was on the right path...

M51 - The Whirlpool Galaxy - Re-Visited

M51 - Re-visited

First light of the new observatory build, and also first images since moving to my new DSLR, a Canon EOS T3i. A few steps ahead of my first astro cam, a modified (IR filter removed) Canon EOS Xsi/ 450d. Compared to what I acquired previously, this is hands down a night and day difference.

This galaxy is interacting with a neighbouring galaxy, NGC 5195, and with my recent image, you can see some of the effects of these two galaxies interacting

The Bubble Nebula - NGC 7635


Not an easy target, but thought I'd try my luck for something that was in a good portion of the sky, factoring in the rising almost-full moon, the positon in the sky and the light.  pollution from neighbouring cities. Although not a lot from my location, this being a relatively dim and small target requires all the help I can get.

The iris Nebula - NGC 7023

NGC 7023 - The Iris Nebula

NGC 7023 is a reflection nebula, known to have clouds of interstellar dust that usually reflects light from nearby stars.

As I only have about 3 hours of exposure time on this gem, I'm intending to collect at least another 7 hours of time to reveal all the faint details that in this image merely cover the light from surround stars...the black that surrounds this nebula isn't really, Stay tuned on the progress of this ongoing project...

The Triangulum Galaxy - M33


M33, The Triangulum Galaxy

2.73 million light years from earth, and a diameter of approximately 60 000 light years!

This image is one of the first captured after getting my guiding figured out. A total of 6 hours exposure time, captured in the fall of 2019 over 3 nights.

The Heart Nebula - IC 1805, Sharpless I-190


One of the first images using a guide scope, guide cam and PHD2 (Push Here Dummy V2).

This program is relatively easy to set up, but is a challenge to fine tune. Getting there...

Different Edits

M81 & M82 - Re-visited October 2018

M81 & M82...again. This is my second attempt at capturing this beautiful pairing...

M27 - The Dumbbell Nebula - Re-visited August 2019


Had another go at this colourful target. A bit more detail, but still not totally thrilled with the end result. Still getting bugs out of the new set-up in the observatory. More to come on this beauty.

Running Man & Horsehead Nebulae - 3rd Re-Edited


3rd Edit...managed to pull out more blue and kill more of that nasty thermal noise

Andromeda Galaxy - Re-Edited


A different colour palette  while editing....not quite as dramatic, but more detail