Skymentor 8" Dobsonian Refurb

First light with the slightly-used Sky Mentor 8" Dobsonian


Taken around 2005, my first real telescope.

Last of the logo


Didn't bother trying to save this...but for posterity...a pic

Strip down and paint begins


Just before total dis-assembly, sanding and painting

It's ALIVE!!!


All put back together, cleaned up and collimated.

Sexy beast

Re-worked the focuser


I considered upgrading the stock focuser, and still may go that route.

For now, I shimmed it up a bit and it's much tighter and smoother...and a bit of bling too

Secondary mirror mods


A few upgrades for the stock secondary mirror.

Added a teflon 'slip ring' to allow the mirror to rotate smoothly when collimating. Also installed a thin stainless washer where the adjustment screws contact the aluminum base for the secondary. It developed small dimples over the years, and collimation was getting difficult as the little dips sucked the screws into the same place.